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How You Can Help

Families of Deployed Soldiers
Need Our Help


Over 3,000 Iowa National Guard Members will be actively serving in Afghanistan. The conditions for the greater majority of them are dangerous and volatile, putting them in harms way on a daily basis. For many of these Guard members, it is not their first or even second deployment. They have seen multiple deployments which makes them gravely aware of the difficulties their families face back home. They understand the financial hardships, they understand the emotional toll, and, for those who are parents, they understand that their children, 6,500 in total, are missing them and are worried about their safe return. This knowledge only adds to the already incredibly stressful situation they are in. 


The Iowa National Guard Officers Auxiliary (INGOAux) makes it their mission to work diligently to provide support for the families of these Soldiers. Through this support, the organization offers solace to the Guard Members hoping to make the separation less stressful for them in knowing their families will have the resources needed in their absence. 

Just the beginning of these resources was a gift given to each of the 6,500 children now separated from their parent. Each child 12 and under was presented with a soft, cuddly Teddy Bear which for many will become a reasured friend with whom they can share their concerns and worries. Teens, most of whom have a greater understanding of the danger their parent is in, received a patriotic medallion to carry with them as a tangible link to their parent. 

 The support doesn’t stop once the gift has been given. The INGOAux currently supports a wide variety of prevention and healing programs in an effort to be proactive to the needs of the deployed family. To help address the financial issues which can arise during a deployment, they facilitate financial planning seminars. They also provide support to a Suicide Prevention Hotline for counseling to family members as they are faced with crisis factors. The INGOAux makes available training to school counselors and teachers, so they may better understand the emotional needs of military children, and helps provide conferences directly to youth to enrich and support character building. 

The INGOAux understands that it’s not only the children of deployed Soldiers who feel their absence. It affects the spouses and parents as well.  Because of this, they support marriage enrichment and relationship building seminars, and seminars to parents of Guard members so they have the knowledge to provide the needed support to their deployed sons and daughters. 

All of these initiatives are only possible through donations the INGOAux receives. Please help the INGOAux in their efforts to support our Soldiers in Afghanistan. Together we can show them they are not forgotten.

If you have any questions, please contact us!

Those wishing to donate may make checks payable to INGOAux and mail them to P.O. 1432, Johnston, Iowa 50131

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