Programs - Iowa National Guard Officers Auxiliary


Over 3,000 Iowa National Guard Members will be actively serving in Afghanistan. The conditions for the greater majority of them are dangerous and volatile, putting them in harms way on a daily basis. For many of these Guard members, it is not their first or even second deployment. They have seen multiple deployments which makes them gravely aware of the difficulties their families face back home. They understand the financial hardships, they understand the emotional toll, and, for those who are parents, they understand that their children, 6,500 in total, are missing them and are worried about their safe return. This knowledge only adds to the already incredibly stressful situation they are in.  The Iowa National Guard Officers Auxiliary (INGOAux) makes it their mission to work diligently to provide support for the families of these Soldiers. Through this support, the organization offers solace to the Guard Members hoping to make the separation less stressful for them in knowing their families will have the resources needed in their absence.

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