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Prevention &Healing

The INGOAux currently supports a wide variety of prevention and healing programs in an effort to be proactive to the needs of the deployed family.  Research and data provided by the Iowa National Guard Family Readiness Group has indicated  that there are several areas of support that can positively impact the well being of guard members.

Suicide Prevention Hotline – Currently a national  program exists to help military members deal with suicide thoughts and issues.  This hotline has a dedicated link for military personnel for their specific needs.  To date, many military members have accessed this hotline.  The INGOAux has made donations to this important support organization.


Marriage enrichment and relationship building seminars – Recurring deployments make relationships more difficult, resulting in a high divorce rate.  Based upon this alarming information, the INGOAux has worked with the Family Readiness Group to sponsor marriage enrichment seminars that facilitate communication and conflict resolution.  

Financial planning seminars – Information from the Iowa National Guard Family Readiness Group indicates that there is a great need for family financial planning guidance.  Financial problems contribute to marital strife and even thoughts of suicide.   As a result, the INGOAux has sponsored financial planning seminars through Financial Peace University.

 Parent Seminars & Networking - The INGOAux has partnered with with parents of deployed soldier in order to provide them with venue to gain knowledge to provide the needed support to their deployed sons and daughters. 


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