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Children & Teens

In order to support the emotional needs of military children as their parents deploy overseas in defense of our county, the following programs have been put in place:

Bear Hug/Youth Medallion Project -  The Auxiliary distributes a custom made teddy bear to each child of a deployed Guard Member along with a comforting poem written by an Iowa grade school student.  To date, 14,000 bears have been distributed, free of charge to these children. The INGOAux will also give  the teens a glass medallion to recognize their support of their parent’s deployment and the sacrifice this means to them.    


Iowa Operation Military Kids  - The INGOAux funded the IOMK for educators/counselors training.  This training helped counselors and teachers better understand the emotional needs of military children and the resources that are available to reach this goal.  The individuals who attended felt strongly that these sessions were very valuable to them and gave them an insight into military kids’ issues and how to address them.  


Iowa Family Readiness Youth Conference – The funds provided by the INGOAux support character building and emotional support activities for the military youth conference.  The training is based on the book “7 Habits of Effective Families” and focuses on military families.

Scholarship Fund – The INGOAux has established a college scholarship fund to be awarded to dependents of the Iowa National Guard members on a yearly basis.  Currently, one scholarship will is being awarded.  The goal is to fund more scholarships in the future.   


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