Honor & Recognition - Iowa National Guard Officers Auxiliary

Honor & Recognition

The INGOAux honors and recognizes the sacrifices made by our Iowa Veterans. 

Iowa Veterans Cemetery (IVC) -  In July of 2008, the IVC was opened and dedicated.  The state funds and federal grants provided for the basic construction and operation of the IVC.  As a result, the cemetery continues to have many needs.  The INGOAux has stepped up to help by providing a larger than life bronze eagle dedicated as a memorial at the cremation wall.  Then in April of 2009, a special funeral brought to light the need for an outdoor portable public address system which the INGOAux has donated.  There remain many opportunities to enhance this facility and the INGOAux would like to continue to fund the IVC’s needs. 


Iowa Gold Star Museum - The Iowa Gold Star Military Museum's mission is to honor and depict the military experience of Iowa citizens in all wars, homeland defense and Iowa service. The museum is currently undergoing a massive expansion in order to provide adequate space to collect, preserve and exhibit materials that illustrate the story of Iowa’s military past from statehood to the present. It is with great pride that the INGOAux donated to the fund this year.  As this facility grows, so will its needs.  The INGOAux would like to continue to support this great institution in the coming years. 


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